Results-Oriented Prescription Drug Crime Defense

It goes without saying that drug addiction is relentlessly powerful. People who never thought they would fall victim to an addiction — successful people with good jobs, spacious homes and happy families — find themselves helpless against the pull of drugs, especially painkillers and other opioids. Sometimes, this can lead people to face drug charges.

The attorneys at Dirk Padgett Law PLLC in Virginia's Roanoke Valley have a keen understanding of the issues surrounding prescription drug crimes and how they affect people. Crimes involving prescription drugs can lead to devastating penalties — similar in nature to offenses involving street drugs such as cocaine or heroin. Our criminal defense lawyers will work hard to keep your consequences to a minimum — and to help get you treatment for your addiction whenever possible.

Helping Those Who Need Someone On Their Side

People charged with drug crimes can feel like they're fighting a battle with nobody to help them. Our lawyers will work on your behalf to defend your rights and protect your freedom so that you can work to put your life back together and start rebuilding what you have lost.

More than ever, people whose addictions start with prescription drugs are crossing over into even more dangerous drugs bought on the street. Whether your charges involve prescription forgery or outright drug trafficking, we'll be there for you.

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