Defense In Federal Crimes Cases

All criminal charges need to be taken seriously. While some may stem from a one-time incident, such as DUI, others may result from a lengthy investigation conducted by federal officials. Federal charges are distinct in that they may carry more serious consequences; also, they are adjudicated in the federal court system — a system not every criminal defense attorney in Virginia is comfortable with.

Not only is Dirk Padgett, the founder of Dirk Padgett Law PLLC, comfortable in federal court, but he has a wealth of experience defending clients who are looking at extensive criminal charges regarding serious allegations. He's been a special assistant U.S. attorney and a former military prosecutor, so handling federal criminal defense cases doesn't faze him. In fact, he looks forward to the challenge of helping his clients when they need help the most.

What Do I Need To Know About Federal Charges?

Many crimes rise to the federal level. In the United States Attorney's office, however, federal prosecutors can afford to pick and choose many of the cases they decide to prosecute, so people charged in federal court almost always have an uphill battle in front of them.

Federal charges might apply to cases involving:

  • White collar crimes, including mail fraud, wire fraud, Medicare fraud and money laundering

  • Drug crimes, particularly ones involving large amounts of drugs and seizures of large amounts of cash
  • Racketeering and conspiracy, such as cases involving organized crime operations like drug trafficking networks
  • Kidnapping, child pornography, civil rights violations and hate crimes

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