White Collar Crimes Defense

Not all crimes involve car chases and dramatic shootouts. Charges involving white collar crimes involve cash, bank accounts or financial instruments allegedly taken or embezzled by persons responsible for handling large sums of money either by someone employed ina small boutique, church or school to a treasurer or president/CEO of a large corporation. The consequences of these types of criminal charges, however, can be severe — depending on the circumstances, and result in the loss of your reputation, your career, your financial assets and prison.

This means that these charges merit a swift and strong response by someone who is faced with these accusations. For people in the Roanoke Valley, this means turning to an experienced defense attorney like Dirk Padgett. Our firm, Dirk Padgett Law PLLC, has stood by clients who have been charged with a variety of white collar crimes and put forth aggressive, prudent defense strategies to work toward minimizing the repercussions.

Could I Be Charged With A Felony?

Some people might be tempted to downplay what could happen if they are suspected by their employer — or charged by a prosecutor — for an activity involving financial impropriety. It isn't likely that a company would simply be satisfied with any missing money being paid back; after all, criminal penalties often require restitution, as well as the possibility of incarceration and heavy fines.

Embezzlement, "cooking the books," writing bad checks, not living up to a contract — all of these are examples of white collar crimes that could be heard in federal or state court.

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