Whether you or your spouse initiated the divorce, it will typically benefit you most to resolve the case through negotiation. This gives you a chance to craft a resolution that truly works for you, instead of leaving the ultimate outcome up to a Virginia judge who doesn't know your family as you do.

If the case can't be resolved without litigation, however, you can count on Dirk Padgett Law PLLC to aggressively assert your rights and interests in court. From our Roanoke Valley office, we represent middle-income clients, high-asset clients and everyone in between. Our founding lawyer has honed his trial skills over decades of practice and never backs down from a fight.

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Tackling The Four Most Important Issues During Marriage Dissolution In Virginia

While ending a marriage involves myriad details and decisions, the four most significant issues tend to be:

  1. Custody of children — With whom will your children primarily live? When will the other parent have a chance to spend quality time with them? What should the parenting plan look like?
  2. Support of children — How much money will each parent contribute to the care of the children? Do the Virginia Child Support Guidelines take into account any unique details about your financial situation?
  3. Spousal support — Do you or your spouse require alimony payments to maintain an acceptable standard of living after divorce? Is your spouse asking for more than necessary — or refusing to provide what you need?
  4. Dividing debt and property — How will your marital assets be divided? Who will assume responsibility for large debts such as the house mortgage? If you own a business, how can you keep it operational?

Let us help answer your questions regarding these critical issues. You can rely on our family law attorneys for the honest legal counsel and vigorous representation you require to pursue your goals.

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