I am Dirk Padgett, a former special assistant U.S. attorney and military prosecutor. From my Roanoke Valley law firm, I represent military service members worldwide who are facing courts-martial. I have decades of experience in these and other military justice cases.

A Reputation For Impressive Results

As a defense lawyer in the U.S. Navy, I achieved a 92 percent success rate before administrative boards. My relentless advocacy led to one honorable discharge after another, to the point where commanding officers began to complain. In one case, I won an honorable discharge for a client who had been in jail for the past two years due to four drunk driving convictions.

Since then, I have been involved in precedent-setting cases involving violations of clients' Fifth Amendment rights and have earned a highly respected reputation as a zealous litigator. I have been involved in investigations regarding the looting and pillaging of Kuwait City. I have also served as team chief with the office of military commissions, overseeing a team of 10 other lawyers charged with prosecuting 18 terrorists.

How My Background Works To Your Advantage

So what does all my experience mean for you? It means you can rely on me to know exactly how the military justice system works and which defense strategies are most effective. It also means that during your court-martial, you can rest assured that you have a passionate advocate on your side who relishes the challenge of going to battle for you.

I Can Represent You Anywhere In The U.S.

I represent military personnel across the nation and in all branches of service. Call my Virginia law firm at 540-904-1630 or email me to set up a free initial consultation about your court-martial case. I look forward to aggressively upholding your rights and interests.